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Introducing the only site you will need for your marijuana vacation. is the place for cannabis friendly hotels, shops, cafes, and retail marijuana stores. This site was put together for the cannabis tourist like us, but also for the ones new to the culture and cannabis tourism, to help guide you through the towns, cities and states that have legalized recreational use of cannabis. This site has a plethora of places to see, eat at or hang out in for the cannabis lover. We don’t list everything there is, but we try to list the best. A lot of our content is user generated, so fellow travelers please list a place that you have found, for free to help out your fellow connoisseur of cannabis. We will make those free added listings permanent. If you would like to advertise an event please visit our list now page.We also offer paid listing where you can have ads on the front page SEO rated ads and geolocational map markers. Be safe and smart while on your travels, thanks for visiting